What is Boochoo-camp?

Boochoo-camp (opens in a new tab) is web service that provides visualized analysis of bootcamp curriculums based on users' required skills for position.

What's in service? (feat. Analysis of competitor)

There is another similar service called Boottent (opens in a new tab) that shows list of a variety of bootcamps, created by Youtuber Sayun (opens in a new tab) who is also admin as well.

I analyzed what makes Boochoo-camp tells from Boottent.

1. Showing which skills are needed per position

While Boottent just shows a full bunch of list of the available bootcamps, Boochoo-camp teaches users who are not majored in the area they are applying or changing their job completely required skills for successful career.


2. Comparison of bootcamps based on skill sets

As mentioned above, Boottent is showing available bootcamps that users can choose. On the other hand, Boochoo-camp helps users with providing visualized graph that describes which strengths that each bootcamp has.


Built with...

I was responsible for front-end of Boochoo-camp, and used the following tools.

  • Next.js
  • SASS (Later switched to TailwindCSS)