Customizing Model Size

Resizing Model

Adding Scale Control

First, import your model and mouse right click and select Add Scale Control To Models by accessing Utilities → Add Scale Control To Models.


Resizing rootTransform_scale

You can now resize your model with newly added rootTransform_scale key.


🆕 Resizing Individual Bone

Entering Model Element Viewer

Mouse right click on your imported model and click Show in Element Viewer → Model in order to get into Element Viewer.


Including Float Variable For Bone

Expand bones menu and locate to bone that you want to resize. Right click on the bone and choose Add Attribute → float.


Adding Scale Variable

Create new float type variable called scale.


Resizing Bone

Then you may notice that your character's head suddenly disappeared.


Don't worry. This is because the initial value is set to be 0, so you can simply change value of scale. Your model will get as bigger as the value that you input (e.g. input 2 will makes your model twice as bigger, 10 as 10 times bigger).