Wownexus is a web service that provides useful information of online MMORPG game World of Warcraft: Classic (opens in a new tab).

Why I started this project

  1. Providing insufficient information for Classic: I felt like there were only few information available about raid dungeon of Classic, and thus I wanted to provide visualized information.
  2. Easy gathering raid members: Unless using Discord app, gathering raid members done by in-game chat is quite time-consuming. So I wanted to provide utility features.
  3. Putting other utility features in one place: Wanted to gather any other useful features available from outside such as controlling over dungeon rules.

Built with...

Wownexus was built with these tools.

  • Framework: Next.js (v.14.1.2)
  • Styling: TailwindCSS (v.^3.4.3)
  • Databaes(ORM): Prisma (v.^5.12.0)